Sterling Silver

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P55, Golden Bamboo

The gold leaf goes well with the black bamboo. Pendant

P54, Oriental Find

Black bamboo held with textured sterling, tropped with "golden turquise" mines of china

P53, What comes around

Polymer beads and beachcombed coral from the next island over set in sterling silver on sewn leather cord.

P52, Wave after wave

Reticulated silver and gold pendant

P51, Epithany

Mammoth ivory, turquises, gold, silver, brass, and fine leather necklace.

P49, Beneath the Sun

Reticulated silver, gold, turquise and fine leather

P49, Ephitany

Reticulated silver, gold, turquise, and fine leather

B62, Gili Layar


Sterling silver, combine with cow bone and cow horn. adjustable

NOTE : No two pieces of jewelry will be identical. The individuality of natural materials and stones will differ from piece to piece but will all manage to achieve the desired effect - That is, the beauty of using natural stones and materials.

e48, Toraja


Textured ebony rectangles suspended by hammered silver rings.


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