Cow leather

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P73, Sea into tomorrow, it's the real thing series


We're inveterate collectors and beach combers - the sea glass with it's intrinsic beauty as an antidote to consumerism..

B85, It's the real thing wrist wrap


Sea glass jewels on luscious sewn leather double wrapped on the wrist - very sensuous

Turquoise and mammoth bits

Turquoise set on sterling silver above pieces of colorful mammoth ivory held by textured sterling tabs with rivits.


P51, Epiphany

Mammoth ivory, turquoises, brass, silver and fine leather necklace.

P53, What comes around

Polymer beads and beachcombed coral from the next island over set in sterling silver on sewn leather cord.

P51, Epithany

Mammoth ivory, turquises, gold, silver, brass, and fine leather necklace.

P49, Beneath the Sun

Reticulated silver, gold, turquise and fine leather

P49, Ephitany

Reticulated silver, gold, turquise, and fine leather

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